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GT Metrix!      |    03/18/2020   |    Server Report.

GT Metrix!      |    03/19/2020   |    Server Report.

GT Metrix!      |    03/27/2020   |    Server Report.

GT Metrix!      |    04/18/2020   |    Server Report.


No report avaliable! Please contact Juan Collazo at 939.437.0091

Want to download the latest website report. Go to GtMetrix.comhttp://www.gtmetrix.com

Site URL: https://www.juancollazo.net

About GT-Metrix Project

About project

The Meter.net project has been measuring Internet access around the world since 2014 (on former domain bandwidth-test.net since 2005, and main czech version since year 2004). Our users carry out tens of thousands of tests every day.


  • Measure download, upload, ping and jitter.
  • Autodetects users language preference (can be hardcoded to show only one language for all hl parameter in url)
  • If you are missing some language contact us
  • Modern, responsive, full HTTPS support


  • Free – no webmaster registration version
  • .. other versions in progress .. if you are insisting on it just contact us

Terms of use

  • Use whole HTML code without changes.
  • App does not use any cookies.
  • Optionally you can host server and set it as prefered in embed
  • Provided without any warranty.

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