Tips on preparing your home...

"You do not get a second chance to make a first impression”

Exterior Impressions

  • House number and letterbox in easy to see position.
  • Guttering cleared and in good repair.
  •  Garage/Carport clean and tidy. 
  • Repair any cracked or broken windows  Hedges & shrubs trimmed, edges & lawns freshly cut.
  • Landscaping & Garden appearance is important and appreciated. Pretty, modern and maintenance – works.

General Interior Impressions

  • Ensure that front entrance way is clean, tidy and uncluttered.

  •  Working doorbell  Firm door knobs and handles. 

  • Lights must all work. Leave some lights on to create atmosphere. 

  • Heat home if weather is cool, and cool if weather is hot.  

  • Ensure hallways/stairways are free from clutter  

  • Drapes need to be open and carpets freshly vacuumed. 

  • If possible, have some freshly cut flowers various rooms.




  • Clean and polish all surfaces such as mirrors, fixtures and taps. 
  • All taps to be in good order without dripping. 

  • Floors must be cleaned and rubbish containers emptied. 

  • Check that cupboards and cabinets are neat and tidy inside. 

  • Scrub and clean all visible mould.


Upscale kitchen in a modern home
  • Clean and polish sink, taps, splash backs, cook tops and benches.
  • Clean all appliances. 
  • Small appliances must be put away to avoid the cluttered look. 
  • Ensure the oven and dishwasher are clean inside.
  • Ensure bins are empty and all sponges/tea towels look and smell clean. 
  • All feature lights are on.

Open Days




  • Lock jewellery, cash and other valuables safely away or take them with you.
  •  Check that valuables, such as art, vases, figurines and mementos are safely situated or locked away.

Creating an Atmosphere

  • You could have light music playing in the background.
  • Pets must be contained or absent during viewings. 
  • Have some soft fragrant oil burning in your home.
  • Stay away from insense as some can give off a burning smell. 
  • The table or bench can be set with simple, modern and attractive dinnerware

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