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Puerto Rico’s strategic geographic location and economic incentives deliver unique advantages that few other locations can provide. The strength of Puerto Rico as an investment opportunity lies, among other things, on its political stability, its modern infrastructure, and a highly skilled bilingual workforce. We are the main air and sea access hub in the Caribbean with multiple weekly flight options to and from the United States and mayor cities in Latin America and Europe and ports that accommodate all types of vessels and cruise ships.

Puerto Rico remains ahead of the competition by offering a full range of options. The tourism industry has been identified as one of the economic engines with the most potential for growth. Our Tourism Incentive Program offers a flexible package of specific tax credits and exemptions that give a full scope of financial options. PRTC also assists investors in devising an adequate capital structure plan suited to the specific requirements of each tourism-focused project.

Puerto Rico is much more than a great opportunity for your business. It offers not only a premier Caribbean destination for travelers, but an excellent setting for a second home. Puerto Rico has some of the most breathtaking scenery and variety of entertainment and leisure options unique to the Caribbean. It is indeed the perfect place to mix business with pleasure and enjoy life at its fullest.

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur wanting to establish your first tourism-focused business; an established business owner looking for growth opportunities; or a large multinational corporation, the time to invest in Puerto Rico is now. With world class facilities such as new luxury hotels having just opened their doors, increased flight options connecting domestic, international, and intra-regional markets and improved infrastructure projects underway we are your destination of choice. We invite you to learn about investment opportunities, and also explore our culture, our beautiful natural settings, and experience the warmth of our people.

Tour Guides

Tour guides play an extremely important role in promoting a destination. These professionals offer not only information, but also enhance the image of the destination as well as enhance the experience of a visitor visiting a place or tourist attraction. As a key element in the quality and way that a customer understands and enjoys the activities during his visit, the profession has to follow high quality standards. The CTPR is the agency selected by the government of Puerto Rico to supervise the certification and education of tourist guides on the island.

Travel Agencies

A travel agent is a person who serves as an intermediary between service providers for travelers, such as airlines, hotels and consumers. They offer advice on transportation options, accommodations and details regarding trip planning. Most travel agents are affiliated to a travel agency but some are self-employed. The tourist Transportation Department of the Puerto Rico tourism company ensures that travel agencies operate under applicable law and serves as a mediator when difficulties arise with a client.



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